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American Mystery and Detective Novels

American Mystery and Detective Novels Author : Larry N. Landrum
Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
Pub Date : 1999
Page : 273
Language : en
Rating :

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Mystery and detective novels are popular fictional genres within Western literature. As such, they provide a wealth of information about popular art and culture. When the genre develops within various cultures, it adopts, and proceeds to dominate, native expressions and imagery. American mystery and detective novels appeared in the late nineteenth century. This reference provides a selective guide to the important criticism of American mystery and detective novels and presents general features of the genre and its historical development over the past two centuries. Critical approaches covered in the volume include story as game, images, myth criticism, formalism and structuralism, psychonalysis, Marxism and more. Comparisons with related genres, such as gothic, suspense, gangster, and postmodern novels, illustrate similarities and differences important to the understanding of the unique components of mystery and detective fiction.

The guide is divided into five major sections: a brief history, related genres, criticism, authors, and reference. This organization accounts for the literary history and types of novels stemming from the mystery and detective genre. A chronology provides a helpful overview of the development and transformation of the genre.

American Mystery And Detective Novels

Author by : Larry N. Landrum
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 1999-01-01
Publisher by : Greenwood Publishing Group

Description : A guide to research on American mystery and detective novels emphasizing the historical development of the genre and major critical approaches to the literature....

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The Doomed Detective

Author by : Stefano Tani
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 1984-05-01
Publisher by : Southern Illinois Univ Pr

Description : “Tani’s dissertation is the most stun­ningly original and intelligent I have encountered in 25 years of teaching,” wrote the late novelist John Gardner. Tani’s argument says that the “mys­...

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Baker S Dozen

Author by : Bill Pronzini
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 1987
Publisher by : Random House Value Pub

Description : Mysteries by Chandler, Charteris, Gardner, Woolrich, MacDonald, Simenon, and McBain deal with murder, a death threat, an apparent suicide and a professional killer...

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British Women Mystery Writers

Author by : Mary Hadley
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2002-03-26
Publisher by : McFarland

Description : Many aspects of British detective fiction are intriguingly different from the American detective fiction. And, confusingly, many of the British women detectives who have made it to American television...

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